Peppal Garlic Pickle - Lehsun ka Achar | Homemade Garlic Pickles | Garlic Achar (250 GMS) Authentic Homemade Flavor

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  • Package Information              Jar
  • Diet Type                                Vegetarian
  • Package Weight                     250 Grams
  • Item Weight                           250 Grams
  • Number of Pieces                  1
  • Speciality                               Natural
  • Brand                                     Peppal

About this item

Authentic Homemade Flavor: Our Peppal Garlic Pickle captures the essence of traditional homemade pickle recipes. Every bite is a nostalgic journey through the heartwarming flavors of yesteryears.
Premium Quality Ingredients: We use only the finest garlic cloves, handpicked and carefully processed to ensure the highest quality. Each jar is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence.
Perfectly Spiced: Our Garlic Achar is thoughtfully seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices, enhancing the natural pungency of garlic while maintaining a harmonious balance of flavors. It's a delightful fusion of spice and garlic goodness.
Versatile and Mouthwatering: This pickle is a versatile companion to your meals. It pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, whether you're relishing it with parathas, rice, or as a side to your favorite snacks.
250 GMS of Delight: Each jar contains 250 grams of our Peppal Garlic Pickle, ensuring you have plenty to enjoy and share with family and friends.
Handcrafted with Love: Our pickles are handcrafted in small batches, preserving the age-old tradition of homemade pickle-making. The care and attention put into each jar make it stand out as a true gourmet delight.
Packaged for Freshness: We take pride in the quality of our products, and our packaging reflects that commitment. The airtight jar ensures that the flavors are sealed in and preserved for your enjoyment.