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Amla Candy 280 Gm

Peppal Amla Candy is infused with Amla goodness, also known as 'Indian gooseberry'. Amla is an excellent source of vitamin C and essential nutrients. It is beneficial for healthy digestion and...

Cocktail Candy 220 Gm

The Original "Fresh Taste of India" After Meal candies Best Quality & Freshest Ingredients Loved by people of all ages Cocktail candies are irresistible flavorsome sweets Cocktail Candy is a...

Imli Candy 120 Gm

Made with tamarind, jaggery and Indian spices, It is the perfect mixture of sweet, sour & spice Farm sourced: we ensure the best quality and the freshest ingredients are used...

Masala Aam Papad And Mint Beans 250 Gm

Peppal’s sweet and savoury combo is a favourite of many because of its nostalgic delicious flavours and yummy snacking experience.

Mint Beans 250 Gm

The Original "Fresh Taste of India" Loved by people of all ages Mint Beans are irresistible flavorsome sweets & mouth freshner After Meal candies & mouth freshner Best Quality & Freshest...

Peppal Mouth Freshener Combo Madrasi Saunf & Cocktail Candy 400 Gm

Introducing Peppal Madrasi Saunf, a premium mouth freshener that promises to refresh your breath and tantalize your taste buds.