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Anardana Goli 200g , Masala Aam Papad 150g and Heeng Goli 200g Mouth Freshener Combo

Anardana Goli Anardana Goli has a sweet and sour taste. The pungent taste of(pomegranate) is irresistible, and it has both efficacy and deliciousness. When it comes to resolving issues related to...

Combo Green Mukhwas | Pumpkin Seed | Heeng Goli | Cocktail Candy and Meetha Paan – Pack of 5

Green Mouth Freshener (Mukhwas) The goodness of the ingredients gathered here boosts immunity and promotes healthy digestion. They are prepared, processed and packaged under extremely hygienic conditions to ensure better quality and...

Green Mukhwas | Imli Candy | Masala Aam Pappad | Anardana Goli and Meetha Paan Combo – Pack of 5

Peppal Green Mouth Freshener (Mukhwas) contains fennel seeds, roasted coriander seeds, salt, sugar and Indian spices.

Imli Laddu 200g And Masala Aam Papad 150g , Amla Candy Combo 150g

Peppal's delicious Imli Laddu is known not only for its spicy taste but also as the perfect mouth freshener. Spicy imli with few other natural ingredients is loved by people of all ages.

Mewa Mouth Freshener(Mukhwas) | Rajshahi Mouth Freshener(Mukhwas) | Anardana Goli | Imli Laddu and Meetha paan Combo Pack of 5

Rajshahi Mouth Freshener(Mukhwas) is another popular type of Mouth Freshener(Mukhwas) that tastes spicy. It is mainly made from fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and sesame seeds

Peppal Green Mouth Freshener (Mukhwas) | Imli Laddu And Masala Aam Papad Combo Of 3

Peppal's combo offers sweet and savoury tastes in one package. Peppals combo is a great option if you are craving candy after a meal and if you want something that will make you salivate.

Peppal Green Mouth Freshener(Mukhwas) | Raajshahi Mouth Freshener(Mukhwas) | Anardana Goli | Heeng Goli and Meetha Paan Combo of 5

Mewa Mukhwas has a sweet taste. You will feel the sharp and irresistible taste of Saunf (Fennel seeds), Nariyal (Coconut) & Mishri inside it which will make it effective as well as delicious.